Amazon Teases Drone Prototype in Video for Future Deliveries

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Amazon Teases Drone Prototype in Video for Future Deliveries

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A new video released by Amazon shows a drone delivering goods to their destination. The company boasts of the drone being able to detect obstacles in its way to steer clear off, while possessing the ability to fly for 15 miles. The video which was released yesterday, also used Top Gun’s Jeremy Clarkson to convey its message.

The drone lands on a strip with the company’s logo on it in the video. The strip has been put there by the family that has placed the order. This suggests that the landing strip may be necessary for the drone to get to its location.

While the tech seems fancy and futuristic, Amazon is yet to get its clearance from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The plan to put a delivery-system in place that uses drones was first announced in December 2013 by Amazon. Let’s see what the future holds for it.

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