Poll : And The Winner Is !

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Poll : And The Winner Is !

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Sometime back we asked you what your next phone is going to be. A lot of you answered and we decided to let you guys know the Result


As per our Readers, by a clear margin, the most popular Smartphone for Q2 2011 is the Samsung Galaxy S2, which got 25 % of the crowd voting for it. Followed by the iPhone 4 which was at approx. 9 % .

About 8% users mentioned other phones not mentioned in the poll and approx. 7%  and 6% for the Wildfire S and Motorola Defy respectively.

The rest of the phones including, and not limiting to, the HTC Sensation (4.5%)  Optimus 2X (2 %) Galaxy S (3 %) and those waiting for the iPhone 5 fell in the 45 % (others) category.

You can find the original poll over here 

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