Google Rolls Out New Features to Strengthen Online Security

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Google Rolls Out New Features to Strengthen Online Security

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In wake of the privacy scare haunting all netizens, specifically so in recent times, Google has announced the roll-out of new features to strengthen online security of users.Google security

The new features include easing the filtering of messages from trusted sources. This would be achieved by the company by simplifying security settings and making them more user-friendly. Google also plans to run various initiatives to make Indian users more aware of ways of ensuring their security online.

“We are adding five million new users a month taking the user base of a connected’ Indians to 500 millions online by 2018-2019. It’s more important now than ever before to ensure the data and profiles of these users is safe online,” says Sunita Mohanty, director, Trust and Safety, Google India.

Along with this announcement, Google India also revealed trends in security related searches from last year. According to the collated data, there has been a 20% increase in searches for “change password”. The trend also shows another 97% increase in searches for “two-step verification”, which is basically a process of signing in to your Google account by using more than one password. An example of this is a 6-digit code sent on your cellphone, along with the usual password.

Privacy settings are becoming an immediate concern for all inhabitants of the virtual space with every passing day. Consequently, the added security that Google promises its users comes as welcomed news making us feel ever so slightly safer on the Internet.

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