Facebook Confirms: No Free Basics in India

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Facebook Confirms: No Free Basics in India

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The entire song and dance around Facebook’s Free Basics has finally come to an end as the company officially announced its end in India today.

“Free Basics is no longer available to people in India,” explicitly states the emailed statement.

The entire issue has attracted immense attention the last couple of weeks, both from media and the average user alike. While people ‘voiced their opinion’ on Facebook, rest of social media went crazy trying to attention to the fact that the campaign was in direct contradiction of net neutrality.Facebook Free Basics
It was finally on the 8th of February that TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) announced its final verdict and sealed the fate of Free Basics once and for all. It was banned by the Indian authority and even though it seemed like the end of the road, Mark Zuckerberg went on record just the next day saying he will not give up on it just yet.
The picture seems to have altered a lot in a matter of two days now that Free Basics has unceremoniously exited from India. Net neutrality: one, Free Basics: zero.
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