Google’s Virtual Reality Headset to Not Require Tethering With Phones and PCs

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Google’s Virtual Reality Headset to Not Require Tethering With Phones and PCs

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It was reported earlier that Google is working on a virtual reality headset quite similar to Samsung’s Gear VR. While speculators busy themselves pitting the two head-sets against each other, another development has occurred on the Google VR-front. If sources are to be believed, Google is expected to come out with a VR headset that would not require tethering to a computer or a smartphone. Being independent of these devices will definitely give the VR-headset an edge over its Samsung, HTC and Oculus counterparts.VR

The headset would be launched alongside the other Google VR headset expected to be in the same league as Gear VR, and therefore, providing strong competition to the Samsung device. It is also expected to arrive alongside a new version of Android which would make virtual reality the core of the operating system.

Virtual Reality seems to be the next big thing in the tech world, already making a stable base for itself in the mainstream. Needless to say, this update from Google is bound to get users excited all over. However, the arrival date of this Google device is a little unclear at this point. We can hopefully expect to see it sometime later this year.

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