Sony Planning to Bring Back Crash Bandicoot

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Sony Planning to Bring Back Crash Bandicoot

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We love being teased from time to time. And if it’s a tease about a game that we have grown up with then the hype is next level. We’ve already been jumping with joy with the trailer for Street Fighter V. Now, another childhood memory ready to jump and spin back into our lives is the much-beloved Crash Bandicoot.

It is possible that we may be jumping to conclusions as Sony has not confirmed a new Crash Bandicoot game. However, there have been some recent rumours and teasers that are just too exciting to be wrong now. NECA Toys’ toy director Randy Falk said Sony is bringing back Crash Bandicoot. Check out the video below to relive your favourite Crash Bandicoot games.

At a recent toy fair in New York, Falk said that Destructoid has “a lot of stuff going on with Sony.” The toy director continues to praise Sony and its titles, saying “I see they’re bringing Crash Bandicoot back, so there’s some great stuff there.”

If that wasn’t enough to tease a new Crash Bandicoot game then how about a tweet from Sony PlayStation’s Middle East account of an image of Crash Bandicoot with the line “Most wanted person….where are you Crash?” Now, a company as big as Sony wouldn’t tease fans like that if they weren’t planning on delivering something exciting in the near future, would they?


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