Infinite Loop – The Accesory With Infinite Uses

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Infinite Loop – The Accesory With Infinite Uses

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Tim Gushue, an engineer and designer, has created an accessory that he calls the Infinite Loop. It is basically an extensible, multipurpose stand for tablets and smart-phones, which can be bent into any shape and holds onto a device via suction cups. He plans to develop a series of accessories for the Infinite Loop including clip on speakers, a USB module and a camera screw thread adaptor.

The device is composed of co-molded metal and plastic and comes in two flavours. There is the two foot long ‘mini-loop’ and the standard four foot long ‘Infinite Loop’. The flexibility and adjustability of the Infinite Loop makes it compatible with virtually all tablets on the market today including the iPad, Playbook, and Galaxy Tab as well as most e-book readers like the Kindle and the Nook. The Mini Loop is compatible with all of Apple’s ‘touch’ products including the iPod and the iPhone as well as virtually any smart-phone that you can stick a suction cup to.

The device as a whole has been designed for a vast number of uses and its flexible nature means that it can be bent into a variety of shapes. The design is also modular, so multiple Infinite Loops can be joined together to create a larger stand/holder. When not in use, the Loop can be rolled up into a compact circle.

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