Awesome Tech: The Robotic Glass Cleaner!

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Awesome Tech: The Robotic Glass Cleaner!

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Every now and then, we stumble onto greatness while scouring the internet. The piece of tech in the centre of attention here is the Robotic Glass Cleaner, and it blew us away with how easy (and an excuse to procrastinate longer) it made our lives! Our office has quite a lot of glass walls which you would’ve noticed in our office tour video a few days ago. What we also showed you a glimpse of, was this futuristic looking uber cool glass cleaner. Now, what this device essentially does is clean your glass walls in a circular motion with the use of its plush soft micro fibre padding. And we don’t need to tell you how awesome micro-fibre is!

The design of the glass cleaner is extremely cool and looks like a thing from the future with its round paddings and a black-and-white colour scheme giving it a robotic feel. Hence, the name as well. It’s extremely sturdy and won’t break down on you anytime soon. It comes with a safety harness to break a fall in case it isn’t connected to a power source and the battery runs out. that brings us to its functionality, and boy is it a keeper! The glass cleaner moves horizontally or vertically on auto mode and also has a manual mode where you can change its directions from the accompanying remote control and the smartphone app. It really is extremely satisfying to just sit and watch it spread its magic of cleaning. We aren’t talking up this product because it actually is the most hard working member at our office.

The price is a huge factor for whatever people decide to buy, and  this extremely handy tool retails for $150.With the coupon GBS60 you can save an additional 20-30$. It is an investment if you ask us and our spick and span glass walls will back us up here. This Robotic Glass Cleaner should be a part of every dream setup, be it an office or a home. Check out the link below to see how the magic happens and tell us what will prompt you to add this tool to your repertoire.

Buy the Robotic Glass Cleaner here!



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