Apple Watch 2: What to Expect

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Apple Watch 2: What to Expect

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According to reports, Apple is holding an official event in March where it is expected to unveil the iPhone 6c along with iPad 3 and the new Apple Watch. Needless to say, the rumour mill is working round the clock. Here’s a look at some of them:

Release Date:

Even if the Apple Watch 2 gets announced in March, it won’t be ready for shipping before April at the earliest, suggests 9to5Mac. Another rumour places May as the probable date for the Watch.

Quant, the Chinese manufacturer of the previous model of the Apple Watch, is expected to manufacture the second generation model as well. Therefore when Bary Lam, the Chairman of Quant comments on this, we sit up and listen. Reportedly, he claims that near the end of Q2 2016, a limited stock of the Apple Watch 2 would be available, followed by more in Q3. Following this, the Apple Watch 2 can be expected to make an appearance in June this year.


The Apple Watch 2 is expected to have a front camera to allow for FaceTime; the user would now be able to receive and make video calls from the Watch itself, if this speculation turns out to be true. The front camera will probably be embedded in the top bezel of the face of the Watch.

Apple watch Features Design 26

Wireless Chipset:

Other than some basic features like playing music or tracking activity, the current version of the smartwatch relies almost entirely on an iPhone to perform any other function. However, the new , updated smartwatch is expected to come with a wireless chipset which would make the Watch ‘tether-less’. It would no longer require connection with an iPhone to perform functions, owing to the chipset which would make it more independent of the phone.


One of the main drawbacks of the first generation Apple Watch is its battery life. Even though it was initially expected to last an entire day, many users discovered to their disappointment, that this was not so. The Watch would be drained of battery even before the day ended. Additionally, it was a big strain on the battery of the iPhone it was connected to.

However, there are not any big rumours about battery improvement in the second gen. This news is a little disheartening for Apple fans all over.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch


In terms of design, Apple is expected to introduce a new variant priced between the steel Apple Watch at £949 and the Apple Watch Edition at £8,000. We hope for some more variety like a circular watch face as well as a thinner design, along with more strap options to choose from.

Some of its other features we hope Apple would include in the second gen smartwatch are in-built GPS and better durability against water, dust and scratches. We’ll keep you updated as more rumours hit the scene and if anything gets confirmed. Let us know what would you want to see in the Apple Watch 2.

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