Apple Will Sell Its Products Online In India For The First Time Through Its Official Website

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Apple Will Sell Its Products Online In India For The First Time Through Its Official Website

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Apple has faced long-standing obstacles in its way to fully penetrate the Indian market. The company is one of the industry leaders across the globe but is still a minor player in the world’s fastest-growing smartphone market. There were many reasons for this that include Indian policies, pricing and more that led to Apple never officially stepping a foot on the South Asian subcontinent. Now, thanks to the relaxation of a few rules the company is finally set to officially sell its products in India through its online store.

So How Did Apple Sell In India Before?

Technically, Apple was never really in India as an official retailer of its electronic products. However, it had collaborated with many 3rd party retailers, for example, Imagine stores, for the sale of its products. The company had to take such measures owing to certain laws and regulations imposed by the Indian Government. In India, companies that wish to sell their products officially through its own online or offline channels must first source 30% of their products locally. For those unaware, electronic imports in India carry a 20% customs duty which is why some products are more expensive than its MRP in foreign countries.

Apple’s Online Store

Apple’s global online store has the option that allows people to buy its products directly from its website. However, in India, there is no such option. On the official Indian website, users are only informed as to which offline and online store sells its products indirectly. Now, owing to the easing of certain laws, Apple will no longer have to source 30% of its product locally. Currently, the company has most of its products sourced and manufactured in China but is shifting some of its production to India as well. In other words, Apple can finally start selling its own products through its own website for the first time.


So What Does This Have To Do With You?

If you’re an Android and Windows users, the changes aren’t going to affect you. But if you are into the Apple ecosystem then this change is a big deal. Soon, users will be able to officially buy Apple products which will now be noticeably cheaper since they are not, for the most part, imported from abroad. Furthermore, users can get more customizability option with Apple’s computing products such as its MacBooks and Macs. The website will be updated for direct purchases in the next few months as the company gears up for the launch of its latest iPhone generation.


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The American company already has certain devices being manufactured in India which allows for its lower pricing than before. Additionally, the company is also opening its first official store in Mumbai. Selling online through official channels will also allow the company to control the quality and dissuade counterfeiting. Conclusively, Apple is finally arriving at the heated Indian market which holds one of the highest potentials in the world. 

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