Haunted iPhone XS Flashes Every Night Between 3 AM and 4:30 AM

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Haunted iPhone XS Flashes Every Night Between 3 AM and 4:30 AM

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To begin with, a Reddit user who goes by the username NotRealUserNameHomie‘ has observed that his and his wife’s iPhone XS start strobing by themselves in the middle of the night (between 3 AM and 4:30 AM which apparently are known as witching hours).

Obviously, the user is asleep between these hours but he has learned about this anomaly while he was doing a routine check of the surveillance camera that supports night vision. See video below

Although this might seem like a paranormal occurrence, there are a couple of reasons that could be causing this. The source of the light is explainable but details regarding what is triggering it are still unknown. 

While initially, it seemed like the well-known iPhone feature ‘LED Flash for Alerts’, looking closely reveals that it is not the case. Because, if it was the flashlight strobe the area around would have been lit and it could have been seen via the human eye.

Alternatively, this is the Infrared dot projector that aids in facial recognition of the FaceID biometric unlocking feature. (DIY: Put a TV remote in front of the camera sensor on your smartphone and look at its display, you will be able to see a light beam clearly which is otherwise invisible to the naked eye)

While FaceID could be the reason toggling this sensor on the couple’s iPhones, shockingly the Redditor claims that this feature has been disabled on both the iPhones.

Additionally, the infrared dot projector is also used to determine whether the user is looking at the display or not. This aids the iPhone to keep the display on and prevents it from going into sleep mode after touch inactivity counter has been hit. 

Similar to FaceID, this aspect could also be detecting movement. Even though Apple has never spoken about it, this could be a deliberate behaviour.

iPhone XS

iPhone XS

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A theory suggests that the Apple iPhone XS would periodically restart and this execution would be authenticated by the user unknowingly while they are looking at the display during night hours.

Conclusively, most users would not have a night vision surveillance camera installed in their living space. Therefore, this feature would have gone unnoticed until now. Or there might be some supernatural spirit that is repeatedly toggling the IR projector. 

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