What Is The Best Time To Buy A Smartphone?

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What Is The Best Time To Buy A Smartphone?

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The world is constantly on the verge of discovering something new or making key steps towards advancements in various fields. This holds especially true with technology and by its extension computing components and smartphones. While different industries like the automobile or fashion industry have its own pace of evolution, change or growth the same cannot be said for the mobile industry.

The smartphone market is one of the worlds most volatile market in more ways than one. It means that a consumer is always at odds with the myriad of choices in front of them. So, many are left wondering when should they go for a new handset. Worry not as team iGyaan has got you covered.


iPhone XS & XS Max

Why Is There A Confusion

Generally speaking, smartphones are almost constantly being released in the market which means there are always multiple choices. Hence, an average consumer after being faced with the dilemma now must also choose what to buy and decide when to buy. It is a common mentality to hold off till the absolute last moment to buy a smartphone but that is really not the case. Furthermore, you must keep in mind behind the other major evil which is buyers remorse. In other words, the regret one may feel after buying something and regretting it by thinking of another purchase that could’ve been made. 


Redmi Note 7

Smartphone manufacturers have a tendency to constantly offer better iterations of their devices with minor upgrades and updates in a couple of months while major generation jumps happen over the course of the year. So say, you bought a OnePlus device in Q2 (May-June) but the device seems obsolete just by the next quarter with its “T” variant being launched. Many may feel like they made a wrong choice or should’ve held off from buying a device till then. But that is wrong, as that is what companies do. They make new products attractive and market them heavily to feel like the next best thing right after you just bought a newly launched smartphone that is barely three months old. So, users must make a note to not fall for this strategy and stick to their decision. Minor upgrades never make a major difference.


OnePlus 6T

So When Should You Buy A Smartphone?

The holiday season is widely known to be a time where smartphones are released and the ones released earlier in the year are offered with discounts and attractive offers. So, Diwali and Christmas are one of the best times to consider an update to your old devices. For example, Samsung generally launches its flagship around February and March which by this time are offered with discounts and offers that make them worth going for. If you’re into OnePlus, even OnePlus’ “T” smartphones are already out and may also have offers with them.


Redmi K20

During Q4, Xiaomi and its subsidiary Redmi have also released most of its flagships and mid-range devices offering more choices to choose from. Furthermore, the year-end follows immediately after major launches like Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Pixel series of smartphones. A time where most other OEMs avoid launching new devices in. So, you wouldn’t need to worry about a particular major launch to arrive anytime soon or till next year.

Xiaomi Mi A3

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Keep In Mind

Simply knowing when to buy a smartphone is not enough. As previously mentioned, you must be wary of buyers remorse and willing to stick with your decision. Even if you’re not buying the latest flagship device or the latest mid-range smartphone, the device you do decide on will do almost everything as the other that you think you should’ve waited for or bought alternatively.

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