Top 5 Shows On Netflix You Should Watch This Weekend

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Top 5 Shows On Netflix You Should Watch This Weekend

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Netflix India still doesn’t stream Friends yet which might be called an abomination by a few. But, Netflix has recently added some amazing shows to its repertoire while one of the most famous TV series ever released its new season. So, if your plan for the weekend is to Netflix and chill, then these five shows need to be on your list:


If watching Narcos was tough with all the Spanish being thrown around, then Dark can cause another level of confusion for us non-German speaking peoplem, if we don’t pay attention that is. The first-ever German language Netflix original has elements of Stranger Things and Twin Peaks but, has its own twists to make it a brilliant little series. The show has everything from time travel to corporate conspiracy set in a small town of Winden, Germany. The first season has 10 episodes and Netflix has already announced that the show will return for a second season. Without giving much away about the show, it follows the lives of people of a small town in Germany and the secrets surrounding a nuclear plant. Secrets start unravelling when kids from around the town start disappearing. The series has a supernatural angle but, tries to justify the events through science.

Black Mirror

This British black comedy gained mainstream attention when Netflix bought the rights after its second season. The dystopian thriller is an analogy and the fourth season consists of six episodes. The show examines modern society, particularly with regard to the unanticipated consequences of new technologies. Even though it is considered to be a comedy and satire, there are a few episodes of Black Mirror where it is tough to laugh at something which might be true in the coming years. The fourth season of the show along with the previous seasons is streaming on Netflix right now.


Sometimes, it is hard to fathom that what you’re watching is based on real events that happened to real people. Mindhunter takes you through a similar journey. The series follows two FBI detectives who travel from city to city interviewing convicted serial killers to build a profile of a serial killers. It is a fascinating yet sometimes gut-wrenching story of how the term “serial killer” was coined. Excellent performances and great cinematography combined with a satisfying story arch make the Mindhunter an absolutely brilliant series. It will be surprising if Mindhunter doesn’t bag a few awards this year.

Manhunt: Unabomber

Another series based on real events, Manhunt: Unabomber has received a lot of media attention for apparently fictionalising the events that lead to the capture of the infamous Unabomber. Agent Jim Fitzgerald is a new profiler on the FBI block and immediately becomes an integral part of the country’s longest and costliest manhunt till now. It is a fascinating deep dive into the trials and tribulations of a law enforcement officer looking for the most famous terrorist the country had ever known until that point. With great actors like Paul Bettany and Chris Noh, the series is a visual and mental treat for the lovers of a good police drama.

The Sinner

There have been numerous TV series and movies that chronicle a murder investigation. But, what leads to a murder? What is going on inside the head of a person while committing the crime? The Sinner, a gripping mini-series tries to unravel just that. The series follows the aftermath of a murder on the beach in a small town as the detective in charge tries to find the reason behind the main character’s abrupt actions. The main character, Cora Tannetti is played Jessica Beil who is also the executive producer of the show delivers an outstanding performance. The series consists of eight episodes, just enough to help you through a lazy Sunday!

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