Razer Phone 2, Project Linda Could Be Announced At IFA 2018

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Razer Phone 2, Project Linda Could Be Announced At IFA 2018

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Razer, one of the most popular gaming accessories maker surprised everyone by launching a smartphone in late-2017. The eponymous device was marketed as a smartphone for gamers with high-end specifications. One of the most interesting aspects of the Razer Phone was its display. The phone from Razer is the only smartphone to have a 120Hz refresh rate (iPad Pro is a tablet and also has the 120Hz refresh rate).

It looks like the Razer Phone was not just a one-off experiment by Razer as a report claims that the company is planning to launch the Razer Phone 2 (tentatively named) in September. This means that an IFA 2018 announcement is likely. The “company insider” also claims that Project Linda, a concept showcased by Razer at CES 2018 could also make its way to the market along with the new smartphone.

Project Linda is a concept that Razer revealed at CES 2018, wherein the Razer Phone powers the whole laptop. It is a laptop shell with a cutout for the Razer Phone in place of a trackpad. Once the phone is placed inside the cutout, a USB C pin connect the laptop case to the Razer phone. Once connected, the laptop uses the smartphone’s hardware to function and the phone’s display turns into a trackpad. Everyone who covered this concept talked about the Razer Phone’s speakers being enough to produce sound out of a laptop which means that the laptop case does not have any speakers built into it.

While the concept is very interesting, everyone thought that this would remain a concept only, just like a lot of other concept products found in CES. However, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan teased on Twitter that it could be a consumer-ready product soon.

Considering that project Linda took about 2-3 months, and the design work only took about one of those months to be ready, it is possible that Razer feels the concept is ready to be turned into a product.

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