Gaming PC On A Budget Of Rs. 70,000!

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Gaming PC On A Budget Of Rs. 70,000!

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After we built our budget gaming PC, it was time to take it up a notch. With a lot more budget in hand, this is what we used to our build gaming PC with a budget of Rs. 70,000.

Corsair Carbide Spec 01

The cabinet we used for the build is the Corsair Carbide Spec 01. This one as well has a size glass panel to show off all the components of your PC and put LED lights in it for some colour. It is built to give a clean look to your PC and also has good cable management. It has seven PCIe slots with room for long graphics cards up to 420 mm long.

Corsair CX650W 80 Plus Power Supply

For a power supply, we have opted for another Corsair product, the CX650W power supply. For our powerful gaming PC, this was an ideal fit!

Gigabyte Z370M D3H Motherboard

This motherboard was the best one in our budget. It supports up to 8th Gen Intel Core Processors and has 2-Way CrossFire Multi-Graphics Support. This motherboard is futureproof if we want to upgrade to an i8 processor in the future.


To handle high-end gaming, you need good quality and quantity of RAM. We have gone for a HyperX Fury 8GB RAM for this build. Its low 1.2 volts draw less power from the system and keeps the PC cool and quiet. Its lower power requirements result in less heat and higher reliability.

Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD

The Seagate Barracuda 2TB hard drive provides ample storage and reliability for this gaming PC.

Intel Core i5 8400

The Intel Core i5 8400 processor fit in our budget and requirements. This PC build is shaping to be quite epic!


To handle all the graphics, we went for the GeForce GTC 1060. It is currently sold out online so we will leave a link for an alternative GPU for your PC build.

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