Have an Android Phone, this Trojan will record your Phone Calls!

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Have an Android Phone, this Trojan will record your Phone Calls!

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Are you somebody important, do you work in a big corporation, or even for the government? Do you have an Android Phone? You might consider changing devices after reading this article. A new trojan app / bot that installs itself on any Android device via piggybacking over unknown source apps has found its way into the Android architecture.  Ca Technologies found that this easily built app lookalike trojan records your conversations and installs like any other app.

There is no solid information weather this trojan has been released into the world, or if devices are already prey to such a menace. It goes to say some developer could easily capture your calls and upload them to a remote server. The brilliant part about it is that while installing you might get a warning stating that the app will record your calls, but who reads the terms page anyway?

Next time you are installing an App on your Android device , especially via an unknown source, or patched apps, make sure you go through the permissions page with vigilance.

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