Top 10 Cool Summer Tech Gadgets

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Top 10 Cool Summer Tech Gadgets

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Feeling the heat, are we? iGyaan is back with another edition of its Top Tech series and this time we have some cool products to help you beat the heat! Do note that the prices of all these products fluctuates a lot, and might go out of stock very soon for Summer tech.

USB Fridge

This is a nifty little gadget, which retails for Rs 1950. As the name suggests, this is a mini fridge which is powered by a USB port. One can either use a typical smartphone charger or even a power back to power this gadget. It can cool canned containers in less than one hour, which works well for soda, beer, or any drink in a tin can.

USB Bladeless Fan

If you are looking for a children friendly fan, then check out the USB Bladeless Fan, which retails for Rs 999. This Summer tech comes with a built-in battery, which even works without a power source. It blows a good amount of air without producing any noise. The bladeless fan is available in series of colours, including Pink, Blue, and White.

Boat Bluetooth Speaker

If you are looking for a compact Bluetooth speaker with water resistant certification, then check out the Boat Stone Bluetooth Speaker, which retails for Rs 1,999. The Summer tech speaker is made out of a solid rubber exterior, which makes it waterproof and shockproof. If you are looking for a poolside speaker, then consider this one. It can last up to 6 to 7 hours on a single charge with connectivity options like AUX port, Bluetooth 4, and a micro USB port.

Electronic Drink Dispenser

This is one of the coolest gadgets, which retails for Rs 499. The electronic drink dispenser can dispense drinks without lifting the actual container, which prevents spilling. It is powered by two AA-sized batteries and can fit into any container with a submersible pump. This will help you to preserve the fizz, which is really convenient.

Drink Chillers

This is a drink chiller, which cost Rs 969 for two units. Pop them in the freezer, once they are frozen the inside turns into a cooling mechanism, which will help you to chill your drink without diluting it. If you are looking to chill your bottled drink, then this is a nifty gadget, which will get the work done in less time.

Solar Powered Ventilation Fan

If you are living in Delhi and commute using a car, the Rs 499 priced solar powered ventilation Fan is one of the must-have gadgets. This comes with a rubber seal gasket that will allow you to seal up the additional area around the window. Pop in this gadget to your window and the fan will automatically start up, this way your can does not get extra heated. The gadget is completely made out of plastic and very light in weight.

Portable Shake Blender

This is a mobile shaker blender, powered by a battery, which retails for Rs 1389. This will help you to make those cool drinks and shakes. The product is designed as a fitness bottle, which allows the user to mix up their protein shake, wherever you are. It does have a tiny little container which will allow storing protein power separately. At the bottom, it has a really powerful motor, which is rechargeable with 16,000 rotation per minute.

Spill Proof Mug

If you tend to spill your drinks accidentally, then the Spill Proof Mug priced at Rs 499 will come handy. This is an anti-spill insulated bottle, with sports style design. If you have cold coffee or cold drink on your table with a lot of electronics, then this one will definitely come in handy.

Usha Mist Fan

This is mist fan with a compact form factor. This has a powerful fan with a good amount of air flow and a 320 ml bottle at the bottom. It is powered by two AA batteries and the mist is hand powered. One can use the mist even if the battery runs out. For Rs 499 a mist fan cannot get better than this.

Portable Humidifier

If you stay in a place which gets extremely dry, then the portable humidifier priced at Rs 749 will come in handy. This will allow you to create a cool mist to cool up the immediate areas around you or even in a car. This is a USB powered accessories, which works well even with a power bank as a source. The Summer tech spray is quite instant and starts working as soon as you tap on the power button. Additionally, one can also add essential oils to add some flavour the mist.

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