Google Has Announced The Android 9 Pie Go Edition

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Google Has Announced The Android 9 Pie Go Edition

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It was in the year 2007 when Google officially introduced the Android ecosystem to the world. Android got its name from a Latin word “Androides”, meaning, human-like robot. The term Android also shares some resemblance with the ex-CEO and founder, Andy Rubin. Android is an operating system primarily designed for devices with touchscreen. Android has evolved not only in terms of versions but also in terms of its varieties. The latest version of the Android OS is the Android 9 Pie. The recent years gave us Android One and Android Go in addition to stock Android. Google announced Android Go as a watered-down version of Android 8 (Oreo) for low-end smartphones. It seems that now the company wants to continue the Android Go series with the Android 9 Pie Go edition.

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Android Pie Android 9 Google Android 9 Pie Go Edition

Android Go delivers the latest OS to devices with RAM as low as 512MB. Android Go is the watered-down build of the Android Oreo (8.0). This OS is built to work on low-powered devices without any jitters. With Android Go, users will find that the OS takes significantly less amount of space than even Android Nougat, which released before Oreo. The OS also offers lite versions of Google apps like YoutTube Go, Gmail Go, and Files Go. This allows it to run smoothly on smartphones with storage space as small as 8GB. The latest smartphone to launch with Android Go out of the box is the Nokia 1. In a blog post from Google, the company announced that it will also launch the Android 9 Pie Go edition as a continuation of the current series. 

Android 9 Pie Go EditionThe Android 9 Pie Go edition would share a lot in common with the Android Go (Oreo). However, Google claims that the Pie Go edition would take up even lesser space and provide faster device boot times for smartphones. The Android 9 Pie Go edition will also cater to the low-end devices like the Android Oreo Go edition. The company promises top-of-the-line security features and an accessible dashboard for tracking and monitoring data consumption. Companies like Nokia, Micromax, and Lava are already on the list of smartphone brands to receive Android 9 Pie Go edition.

Android 9 Pie Go Edition

It is reassuring to see that Google wants to keep the low-end low-budget smartphones just as relevant as the flagship Android devices. With the Android 9 Pie Go edition, it will allow users on a tight budget to enjoy a fast, smooth, and the latest Android experience.

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