Insta360 Launches ONE X Camera With 5.7K Video Capture

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Insta360 Launches ONE X Camera With 5.7K Video Capture

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Major players in the industry like Samsung, Nikon, Kodak, LG  have tried their hands on a 360 degree camera. However, it still hasn’t taken off as expected. Insta360, which is a China based company has been a major influence in this sphere. They recently launched the Insta360 ONE X with loads of unbelievable features. These include 5.7K Video + 18MP Photo which allows the user to get great output images as well as videos. The FlowState Stabilisation works great when walking and shooting. Apart from that it also has Cinematic Slow-Mo, WiFi Preview & Transfer, TimeShift and HDR.

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It shoots video in three different resolutions – 5.7K at 30 fps, 4K at 50 fps and 3K at 100 fps. We feel a perfect slow motion needs to be more than 100 fps and we hope the company improves on the same in their next generation cameras. As we all know, when shooting in a 360 degree camera, sometimes the camera overexposes the parts with more light and underexposes parts with less light or vice versa. The HDR mode promises to solve this problem in the ONE X. The Invisible Selfie Stick feature hides your selfie stick from the shot when showing you the final 360 degree output.


It also has a drifter accessory that looks like the paper aeroplanes we all loved and made in school. The camera can be put inside the accessory and thrown when shooting action shots like skateboarding, roller blading and so on. One can control the video timings and slow or speed up certain parts. The ONE X also shoots hyperlapse videos. This camera suits the active lifestyle as well, with features like recording GPS data, on-screen stats like speed, altitude, direction etc. The camera also provides a unique perspective when using the Bullet- Time accessory. This accessory is like a selfie stick that can rotate. It takes rotating shots from the top of your head to provide amazing videos with you in the centre of the action. This accessory is available for $39.99. The ONE X camera costs $ 400, nothing is known about its availability in India as of now.




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