Leica M10- D: A Digital Camera Without A Screen

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Leica M10- D: A Digital Camera Without A Screen

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Leica recently announced their latest version of the M10 and the camera does not have a screen! It is a digital camera with no screen to view your photos. For someone who has shot in film cameras, it will feel like a homecoming as the rangefinder has no clutter – just two dials on top, a shutter button and a dial at the back. The design shouts of the typical Leica trademark. The camera is controlled using the Leica Fotos app. The app works on both Android and iOS devices. It uses Wi-Fi to connect to the app.

The 24-megapixel full-frame sensor camera is matte black in colour and looks like a film rangefinder to a tee. The M10- D also features the lever that film cameras use, to cock the film. Even though this lever does not do anything functional, it is a good place to rest your finger while shooting. The camera has dials to adjust Shutter speed and ISO and also features a few customisable buttons but has very little otherwise. The lens has aperture and focus rings and the camera also features an optical viewfinder.

Purpose Of The Camera

Leica has said, the camera was built to provide the convenience of shooting digital without the distractions of the same. One can easily avoid a common phenomenon in photography known as ‘chimping’ with this camera. Chimping is the practice of immediately looking at the photograph on the screen after shooting on a digital camera. Moments play a big role when shooting street photography. Chimping can cause a photographer to miss out on images from the action that is taking place in front of him or her. The company has previously released cameras without screens, like the Leica M- D. But this is the first camera that features Wi-Fi connectivity.

While one needs to get used to using the M10- D , it seems like a great idea to remove unnecessary distractions! The app is quite clean, easy to use and can help you look at your images on the go instead of during a shoot. The Leica M10-D costs $7,995 and is available on the Leica USA website.

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