Samsung To Launch A Smartphone With A Flexible Display

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Samsung To Launch A Smartphone With A Flexible Display

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It seems like Samsung has been bitten by an innovation bug recently as reports of new patents by the company are surfacing every day. It is well known that Samsung is working on new technologies for their OLED displays to produce a smartphone with a truly bezel-less display. The most recent report says that the tech giant will soon launch a smartphone with a flexible display. This display apparently wraps around the device, all the way to the back!

Display, Everywhere

The NLO (Netherlands Patent Office) and the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) have made public a patent by Samsung. The patent lists a ‘Flexible display of electronic device and method for operating the same’. This means that the display of the device will not only extend to the sides of the phone, but also on to the back, making this a device with a display all around it. The images in the patent explain how the technology works. They show us not only how the device will look but also about what functions it can perform.

As seen in the images, the device has slight edges on both the top and bottom. There appears to be what will act as a power button, on the top of the device. The images do not show the presence of any other physical buttons, instead, the curved sides double up as control panels. The illustration shows options such as music control, menus while watching videos and zoom capability while taking photos.

The patent also explains that other than these sides which can be used for all the apps. There are some app specific advantages of the unique design as well. For example, during gaming, the screen will have floating buttons on the top in landscape mode. These floating buttons will be clear of the main screen and will give a gamepad like experience to the user.

The patent also details other uses of the wrap-around display. Such as the ability to use two apps at once without quitting either of the two. And also arranging emails on the front display and opening and replying to one specific email on the back. Another feature is calling someone with one screen and using the GPS on the other screen. The patent also reveals that the device will be smart enough to understand whether the user is holding it in the left or right hand.  It will then be placing the on-screen buttons accordingly, for added convenience.

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Just Another Patent?

The features listed in the patent are a fresh and welcome change in terms of smartphone innovation. But, it is tough to say whether we will see this becoming a reality any time soon. Various smartphone manufacturers, including Samsung have been known to hold on to a lot of their patented technologies. And we rarely see them make their way to retail models. For now, we can just hope that Samsung works on integrating a part of this technology, if not the entirety, into an upcoming smartphone.

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