LG To Launch A TV Which Rolls Up Like A Piece Of Paper

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LG To Launch A TV Which Rolls Up Like A Piece Of Paper

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Earlier this year, LG had showcased a Television which rolls up just like a movie poster. The company demonstrated the rolling mechanism and its multiple uses. While the technology had grabbed many eyeballs, not many expected it to come into production, especially not this soon. Now, reports suggest that LG will be launching a production variant of the same next year. 

The need for a breakthrough innovation has been long due in the TV industry and LG might have just cracked the code with this one. The TV that has been demonstrated is a 65-inch rolling display with a retracting panel that is operated using a remote. At the press of a button, it emerges out of a base which houses it and also automatically rolls back down.

The uses of such a display are many, as envisioned by the company. The biggest advantage is that of adjusting aspect ratios. You can quickly switch from a 16:9 aspect ratio to a 21:9 aspect ratio. Depending on the nature of content and how you prefer to watch it. The large 65-inch screen will ensure that you get a great viewing experience. Even with a part of the screen rolled down. Adding to this is the 4K resolution that the display offers, which claims to give a great cinematic experience.

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The base at the bottom is to hide the technology behind the display, according to company officials. The TV sports an OLED display, which will fold more easily than traditional LCD panels. The company also hopes that this boosts their share in the TV market, and also sets them apart from their competition. With not so much happening in this segment over the past few years, we are excited to see how this product will find a place in the homes of consumers when it goes on sale next year.

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