Top 5 Air Purifiers To Buy This Diwali

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Top 5 Air Purifiers To Buy This Diwali

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With Diwali right around the corner, everyone is decking up their houses to welcome guests to celebrate this auspicious occasion. But with Diwali comes a natural hazard that can cause a lot of harm to the human body and sometimes can even be fatal. Air pollution is a massive problem in India with metropolitan cities such as Delhi and Mumbai being hit hard. So, we are listing five air purifiers that are great in their own ways and we will explain how each one has features that can be useful for your home. These air purifiers range from as low as Rs 8000 to as high as Rs 38000 and can make for a considerate Diwali gift as well!

Sharp Air Purifier

This air purifier is available for Rs 16,690 on Amazon and is in the mid-range price bracket. The Sharp air purifier promises to eliminate smell, toxic gases, VOC, pathogens (mould, virus, dust mites, fungi etc. particles up to 0.01microns) from both air and surface. It features a passive HEPA system that traps PM 2.5 particles, smoke, house dust and pollen. PM 2.5 is the most hazardous particle and that is what is measured when testing for pollution. The Sharp filter has a pre-filter that traps heavy dust particles. It also promises to combine active and passive purification systems much better than only filtration systems. Measuring a mere 73.2 x 35 x 27.1 cm and weighing at 6.66 Kg the purifier is easy to tuck-in, in a corner of your house.

Mi Air Purifier 2S

The Mi Air Purifier is one of the cheapest purifiers available in the market and is sold quite a lot. It features a PET primary filter, Ultra dense EPA filter and Activated Carbon. It has a range of 400 sq. ft. / 37 sq. metres. The 3- layer filtration is meant to remove harmful PM 2.5 and clean the air 400 square feet around, in 10 minutes. The air purifier also features smart control through the Mi Home App and Alexa which is a blessing as you can turn it on and off with just your voice. The OLED display allows you to check PM 2.5 levels in the room and keeps track of how clean your air is.

It also shows the temperature and humidity levels which is great for someone who is health conscious and wishes to monitor the air quality constantly. The filter for this air purifier costs Rs 2,199 on their website and requires to be changed once every 6 months at least, depending on the use. It has a CADR (Clean air delivery rate) of 310 m³/hr.

Philips 1000 Series Air Purifier

The Philips 1000 series air purifier has a range of 677 sq. ft. / 63 sq. mtrs. The air purifier works on 11 to 50 watts depending on the fan speed. It filters out PM 2.5, viruses, harmful gases such as formaldehyde and TVOC. It also has a very useful night sensing mode that prepares your room with clean air for your sleep. The air purifier has a CADR (cigarette smoke) of 270 m³/h and filters out bacteria as well. At a price of Rs 8,799 on Amazon this air filter is definitely a great deal!


Philips Series 3000 Air Purifier with Humidifier

If you are looking for a much more powerful air filter or you have a bigger room then you will need to shell out a little more. Priced at Rs 30,500 currently on Amazon, this air filter has a larger range and is more powerful. This filter claims to remove 99.97 percent of common pollutants and traps particles as small as 0.003 microns. It has a range of upto 861 sq. ft./80m2 which is useful for common living rooms and halls or office spaces. It features three auto modes: General, Allergen and Sleep. The CADR is the same as that of the Mi air purifier at 310 m³/hr.


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Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier

Dyson is known for its quality home products and is infamous for it’s prices but the Pure Cool air purifier is worth every penny. It automatically senses and reports air quality levels (PM 2.5, PM 10, VOC, NO2 & overall AQI) on an LCD screen and Dyson Link App in real-time. The company also claims that it is the only purifier to report all of these separately. According to the company, the 350 degrees oscillation ensures proper circulation throughout the room. It is a 40W air purifier with Air Multiplier technology. This technology projects over 360 litres of purified air per second across the whole room.

It also boasts of a 360 degree Glass HEPA Filter and a Tris Impregnated Activated Carbon Filter capture of 99.95% of harmful ultra-fine pollutants & allergens as small as PM 0.1. It has nine different sensors that collect air quality data throughout the room. Another useful feature is the night-time mode that monitors and purifies using the purifier’s quietest settings, with a dimmed display. It also has a remote. The purifier is priced at Rs 37,900.



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