New PUBG Map Leaked: Snow Map To Be Released Soon

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New PUBG Map Leaked: Snow Map To Be Released Soon

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PUBG has been constantly adding new features, functionalities and new maps to stay ahead of the ‘game’. This time, a new leaked map has surfaced on the internet before the actual release. The map is called Vikendi and is supposed to have a snowy terrain. With winter approaching, every gamer is excited about the new winter based map. The company had teased the map during the Microsoft Press conference at E3 and not much was revealed in the teaser. It was assumed that the new map would be named Dihor Otok but recent leaks have revealed that the name would be Vikendi.

What To Expect From The New Map

A Redditor recently shared screenshots of a data mine from the map which revealed it’s name. The map will supposedly be bigger than Sanhok and smaller than Erangel. This makes the playtime shorter than 30 minutes and longer than 15 for an average player. This will be the fourth map to be added to the game after Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok.  There are also rumors that the map will be released around the same time as the PUBG PlayStation 4 game release date.

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The data mine has also revealed that new weather effects will also be added. This will include Snow, which will be exclusive to Vikendi and Night mode as well. A recreation of the map by a Youtuber suggests that there will be very few or no trees at all. It is also being widely reported that a new vehicle that looks like Volkswagen’s Beetle is to be added with new weapons as well. The PS4 edition of PUBG is supposed to arrive on December 7. Around the same time Fortnite, Overwatch and other games are also going to release their winter maps. December definitely seems like a great time for gamers!

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