PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 Beta Update Introduces New Rifle, Chat Options And More

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PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 Beta Update Introduces New Rifle, Chat Options And More

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PUBG Mobile, one of the biggest and most played smartphone games, has released a new beta. The game recently won a bunch of awards at Google’s Play Store Awards in 2018. The game just received the Season 4 update recently. With the new update, Tencent Games is introducing the MK47 Mutant gun, which was already a part of the game’s XBox One and PC version of the game.

Beta Update New Additions

The MK47 Mutant will be now available on Android and iOS too. The assault rifle has multiple fire modes and a 20-bullet clip. A Laser Sight attachment is also added to the game.  This allows players to fire more accurately and the MK47 is one of the many weapons that can make use of it. It is yet to be seen how accurate this attachment is compared to other scopes that are already in the game. New control settings are also added, where players can customise the screen layout with new preset and variable options. However, with the new season, all players will have to work extra hard to get back to their previous Tiers as it gets reduced to a level or two below the rank of the previous season.

This was long overdue as many gamers had requested for such a change in forums and Reddit as well. However mobile phones can be a tricky space to design a game on and PUBG seems to have listened to it’s users. We all know how horrible the PUBG chat is. No matter which high end phone you own, opening up chat means that the game is going to crash. Now, however, additional chat options have been added with dozens of scripted text and voice dialogue options in game.  These have been added to make communication between teammates easier. These fall under tactics, movement, and discussion categories.

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With new seasons, come new in-game items. The introduction of new outfits for your character in the game is also being rolled out in this update. The update also includes the general bug fixes that are usually included in every major update.

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