What We Know About Far Cry New Dawn: Release Dates And More

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What We Know About Far Cry New Dawn: Release Dates And More

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Good news for open world shooter fans! Just within a year of the release of Far Cry 5 in 2018 new Far Cry is coming! Named Far Cry New Dawn, the game continues from where the previous Far Cry left off. The last edition of the game revolved around a religious cult in Montana in the fictional Hope County. The game’s story starts 17 years after the last one’s apocalyptic conclusion and now the town and scenery has completely changed. One can see flowers and greenery around with wild animals roaming in the amazing vista. Blue skies, green trees and flowers may seem very unlike Far Cry games, things quickly change and we get a glimpse of the Far Cry we all want to play.

The trailer reveals a lot about the game and we can find a lot of small details if we look at it carefully. On first glance, we can see the amazing details of the scenery. The weapons and houses are rendered wonderfully. One can see the items scattered around the area with foliage growing in and around them. You can see broken down cars around the entire area with cellphone towers and parts of metal that says Father was right, referring to the preacher named Joseph Seed of Far Cry 5.

A village can be seen with the survivors of the war with them going about their business, but then mayhem ensues. And we get into the Far Cry territory. A new group of scavengers show up with weapons and cars. This group is monikered as Highwaymen and the protagonist has to kill highwaymen to rebuild the settlements and ensure peace. The character that you will play is a fresh character and is reportedly a survivor from somewhere else.

The game features a lot of weapons. Including rocket launchers, makeshift weapons that are made from salvaged metal and of course really crazy guns with amazing detailing. There are painted guns, flamethrowers and whatnot.

But no Far Cry game is complete without it’s villains. Far Cry villains are known to be powerful both in terms of ammunition as well as emotionally and physically. New Dawn’s negative lead roles involve Mickey and Lou, murderous twin sisters who control the Highwaymen. 

They are seen killing people mercilessly and seem to be extremely ruthless. The game developers have done a great job in detailing including their hair colours, costumes and even the blood splatters. 

The helmets and even the vehicles are extremely detailed and makes for an absolute visual treat. 

According to the game’s creator’s, the survivors and highwaymen will be at war constantly and both these groups will look after their own so unity seems to be an interesting theme to this game. They have also revealed that there will be different tiers of enemies each with their own difficulty level and combat capabilities and can be differentiated by their attire and weapons.

Then there is a lot of killing. A lot. Oh, and did we also mention there is a very cute and scared dog in the trailer as well?

The game will be launched on February 15th and pre-bookings have already opened up. It will cost $ 40 and will have different versions. Pre-ordering will also get you an in-game unicorn trike as well!

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