App Of The Day : Island : Secure Your Data And Apps

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App Of The Day : Island : Secure Your Data And Apps

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Data security is a big concern not only for governments and big corporations but the average smart device users as well. There have been several incidents of a data breach that have affected people from around the globe. Both iOS and Android operating systems are quite good at securing user data but certain apps can steal sensitive information stored on the user’s smart device. Even though Android operating system uses a sandbox environment that restricts applications from accessing unauthorised data. Some applications, however, can get a hold of user data and send it to offshore locations for malign purposes.


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Island is an application for the Android OS that allows users to manage data usage privileges of particular applications. The application is freely available from the Google Play store and it creates an isolated domain that the user can manage in accordance with their requirements.

How Does It Work

The Island application for Android makes a clone of all the essential applications like the Play Store, file storage, and contacts. These applications reside within the same user account as the original applications however the data stored on both instances of application varies. The Island app has two tabs which are Mainland and Island. As the name suggests, the Mainland tab inhibits all the applications that are present on the device. Whereas, the Island tab only inhibit the applications that have been manually cloned by the user. The applications in the Island tab can only exchange data with other Island applications.

The user can log into the Island Play Store with different mail id and download applications. The applications downloaded will only have access to the cloned apps that were also created by the Island app. Therefore, the user can store bogus contacts and files on the Island filesystem. This will allow the user to run potentially hazardous apps by providing them access to private user data.

How Is It Different And Top Features

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A lot of other applications like parallel space and dual space are also available on the Google Play Store. However, they do not provide the level of control that Island does. The list of top features is as follows:

  • It allows the user to manually freeze certain applications. The applications when in a frozen state will stay as is and cannot access the internet or perform any tasks in the background.
  • The bogus contact and file storage apps can trick applications to work smoothly. Other applications would not function normally if the user deprives an application from particular access rights.
  • Certain applications can be enforced to channelise data via a VPN server. Good use of this could be accessing a website from another region that is restricted in the user’s region. A lot of media corporations limit users from other regions to access their content.

Additionally, Island app on a rooted device provides an even higher level of control in comparison to a non-rooted device.

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