Sony Bumps Up 3D Camera Sensor Production

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Sony Bumps Up 3D Camera Sensor Production

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Sony’s smartphone and consumer electronics division might be facing tough times but the company is undoubtedly the world’s biggest smartphone camera chip manufacturer. More than 50 percent of the smartphones in the market use camera sensors that are manufactured by Sony which includes Apple, Samsung and Google. A Bloomberg report suggests that Sony is now gearing up to ramp up the production of 3D camera sensors. 

What Is A 3D Camera Sensor?

A 3D camera is an imaging device that allows to replicate three dimesional  objects with the help of depth sensing technologies. Digital cameras with 3D sensors have been available in the market for quite some time. These cameras are bulky and hard to carry but Sony seems to be developing miniscule 3D sensors that can be embedded in to smartphones. 3D sensors on a smartphone can open a whole new world of possiblities.

Few uses of smartphones with 3D sensors are as follows:

  • Smartphones with 3D sensors can be used to create a virtual 3D model of a user that has the potential to change the future of shopping. The users can easily scan their body parts like the face and head to virtually try on accessories like hats and spectacles.
  • 3D camera sensor featuring smartphones can also help in pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming further. Mobile game corporations can use these sensors to make a virtual 3D model of the player which can be loaded in to the game. This would help the companies to create an even immersive expereience to the users.
Sony’s Competition And Production Bump

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Except for Sony, companies like Lumentum Holdings Inc. and STMicroelectronics NV also make 3D chips that are used for accurate facial recognition and clicking photographs with enhanced depth effect. However, Sony claims their technology is more accurate than the offerings of their competitors. Sony uses a method called ‘time of flight’ of TOF that sends out out invisible laser pulses and measures how long they take to bounce back. This technology is used to take precise 3D pictures of objects. According to Sony officials, the company’s sensors can even capture pictures at a distance of five meters. 

Sony seems to be optimistic about the future of this technology and predicts this feature can boost the sinking smartphone sales. In the interview with Bloomberg, the company reported that the upcoming Huawei phone will employ 3D sensors made by Sony. Additionally, Sony revealed that the company is getting interest from Apple perhaps future iPhones will makes use of this type of sensors. To meet the high prediction of demands, Sony will kick off mass production in late summer of 2019. 

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