PUBG Mobile Bans Even More Professional Players

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PUBG Mobile Bans Even More Professional Players

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PUBG Mobile has been one of the most popular smartphone games of last year. The Battle Royale styled game drops 100 players into a map where a player has to fight against all the others to emerge victorious at the end. The game’s popularity can be attributed to the fast paced playstyle, various new maps and timely updates. One of the most important things that PUBG ensures, is that its players do not cheat or have any undue advantage over other players. 

In doing so, PUBG has created a positive and fair game environment. Just last year, the game crossed 200 million downloads and achieved over 30 million daily active users. PUBG has also banned over 13 million players since June 2017. This is both a good as well as a bad sign for the game. It is great that Tencent is taking steps to ban cheaters from the game, but it also does not bode well on the company since they are unable to close the gaps that allow people to cheat. Last month, PUBG banned around 30,000 players along with four professional players. Now new information states that twelve more professional players have faced the axe. These included four professional players with three-year bans from the game’s North American esports league.

Who Got Banned And Why?

The twelve players that were banned recently were reportedly caught using Radar hacks at the PUBG European League (PEL). Out of the twelve, six were caught cheating during a professional game. This includes players named “Papaya”, “Cabecao”, “swalker”, “zuppaa”, “Houlow” and “sezk0.” They now each face a three-year ban. Radar hack allows a player to see their nearby enemies on the map giving them an advantage to spot and shoot first. Four other players named “Avalon”, “Smitty”, “TEXQS”, and “S1D” received a two year ban for using unauthorised software during public matchmaking as well. 

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