Resident Evil Is Headed To Netflix In The Form Of A TV Series

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Resident Evil Is Headed To Netflix In The Form Of A TV Series

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According to a report in the Deadline, Netflix is reportedly working on a series based on the Resident Evil franchise. The news will be a delight to the fans of the series as the series will be produced by Constantin Films, the production house behind the super successful Resident Evil movies.

Resident Evil TV series will be based on the plot of the premise of the movies, which means there will be zombies and maybe the same evil Umbrella corporation behind it. It will be interesting to see what Netflix brings to the table for the super successful franchise.

The Resident Evil film franchise, launched with the 2002 Resident Evil, consists of six movies to date, produced by Constantin, which had acquired the rights to the video game series, and distributed by Screen Gems. The movies, starring Milla Jovovich has earned over $1.2 billion worldwide at the box office, making it the most successful movie franchise based off a video game.

What’s Next for the Resident Evil Franchise?

The Resident Evil movies were loosely inspired by the games made by Capcom. There have been 6 movies made for the franchise and there also was a reboot promised with James Wan producing the project. Now it remains to be seen if the production house will go with both or either one of them. If the TV series is to be made along with the reboot, it is speculated that it will continue as a spin-off from the movies.

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What goes with the successful Horror franchise remains to be seen, but the fans of the series should be excited about a lot of things, including a remake of the Resident Evil 2 that is out today. Whatever happens though, we will know soon enough when either the reboot, the series or in the best case scenario, both are announced together.

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