Google To Replace ‘Voice Match Unlock’ With Assistant Lock Screen Access

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Google To Replace ‘Voice Match Unlock’ With Assistant Lock Screen Access

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Previously, Android devices could be unlocked with a matching ‘Hey Google’ voice sample from the user. Google removed this feature when it launched the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL with the updated Google Assistant so that users could not use their voice as a password to unlock the device. At the CES 2019, the American Multinational company announced that this new behaviour will roll out to all Android devices, and the update seems to already be on its way.

About The Update

Instead of the traditional voice unlock, Voice match recognition will now provide a whole new Assistant interface on the lock screen, which will display personal results tailored to the user. Upon saying the ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Ok Google’ phrase, the Assistant will show/read out emails, dictate the tasks for the day, display reminders and shopping lists. The user will have to enter his/her PIN, password or use the fingerprint scanner in order to unlock the smartphone and access the rest of the options.

Security Flaws

In the past, the user could directly go to the unlocked home screen by saying a command like “Ok Google, what’s the weather?”. This was a security flaw as anyone with the user’s voice sample could unlock the device. Google itself warned users against using Voice Match, which was less secure than other authentication options.

Update Release

As per sources, the new updated Voice match will be a standard feature across all Google devices, including smart speakers and smart displays. The update has already been spotted in Google app 9.27 on the Moto Z and Pixel 3 XL. The company is also rolling out a server-side update for the same. To check if the feature has been updated or not, the user can check in Google Assistant Settings>Assistant tab > Assistant devices list >Lock Screen Personal results. The last option ‘Personal results’ is the replacement of the ‘Unlock with Voice Match’ option.

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Even devices with Google app version 9.31 have yet to get rid of the Voice unlock feature. Users may see the new Google Assistant update on their devices in the forthcoming weeks.

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