Gmail’s Smart Compose Feature Rolls Out To More Android Devices

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Gmail’s Smart Compose Feature Rolls Out To More Android Devices

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Gmail introduced the AI powered Smart Compose feature for the desktop version in the year 2018, and it was a convenient feature for users who were familiar with auto-prediction texts. In October 2018, the feature was made available on smartphones with the launch of the Google Pixel 3. At the time of its release, Google announced that the feature will be exclusive to Pixel devices. However, the update is now being rolled out for non-Pixel Android smartphones as well.

About Smart Compose

The Smart Compose feature was spotted in the Gmail app version 9.2.3. When a user clicks on the compose button, Gmail will prompt them regarding the new feature and familiarise them with the feature. Dependent on the users choice, it can be manually turned off from the applications setting menu. But instead of pestering the user, the feature is actually quite functional. Once the user starts typing a reply or a new message, the Smart Compose feature will suggest words or even complete sentences that will help the user to finish the message faster. 

How It Works

As per users, the desktop version of Gmail even recommends the names of the recipients whenever necessary. The Gmail Android App plays it safe and just helps users finish their sentences. Since this is AI-powered, the feature is likely to improve over time. For instance, if a user is typing “Will my shipment arrive-“, Smart Compose will automatically recommend “Will my shipment arrive tomorrow” or whatever is more relevant to the context of the conversation. Some users may find this to be unnecessary, but it can be very beneficial for others.

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Google Keyboard uses a similar prediction technique, where it suggests words and phrases based on a user’s previous message history. As mentioned before, it’s a feature that is still under development and will undergo a considerable number of revamps before it is perfected for use in day-to-day life.


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