Galaxy Nexus beats the iPhone 4S in Benchmarks

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Galaxy Nexus beats the iPhone 4S in Benchmarks

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Anandtech has been busy this weekend comparing the Samsung Galaxy Nexus against the iPhone 4S. The results are in the and Android powerhouse beats the iPhone 4S in some areas. 

In the SunSpider Javascript Benchmark the iPhone scored a 2250 whereas the Galaxy nexus got a 1875 ( the lower the number the better in this test). Essentially that menas that Java performance is better on the  G-Nexus. In the Rightware BrowserMark test the iPhone 4S scored a 87,841 whereas the Nexus S Scored a 98,272 ( the more the better in this test). This means that the overall web index scores and rendering of webpages should be much faster on the G-Nexus compared to the the iPhone 4s. The major improvements on the web experience are said to be blamed on the enhancements of software found in Ice Cream Sandwich. 


The Graphics benchmarks  revealed that the iDevices including the iPhone and the iPad performed better. In the OpenGL test the iPad and the iPhone 4S got 148.2 and 123.1 respectively, whereas the G-Nexus got a disappointing 45.2. Head on to the source link for full benchmarks and test results.


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