Fortnite’s “Reboot Van” Is Just Like Apex Legends’ Respawn Feature, Will Arrive Next Week

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Fortnite’s “Reboot Van” Is Just Like Apex Legends’ Respawn Feature, Will Arrive Next Week

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A neck to neck battle is prevailing between some of the best battle-royale games right now, and Fortnite and Apex seem to be grinding it out. Quickly becoming a fan favourite, Apex Legends charmed its new player base with exciting features such as the unique pinging system, special character abilities and the innovative “respawn” option. Recently, Epic Games carried over the pinging mechanism from Apex Legends to its game. As per the latest tweet from the company, Fortnite will soon get a similar respawn feature to Apex Legends.

About The Update

First leaked in February 2018, the feature will allow players to revive their fallen teammates using various “reboot vans” spread all over the map. One of the most bothersome things regarding Battle Royale games is getting removed from the match early and watching your teammates play the entire game without you. In fast-paced Battle Royale games, a lot of players are knocked out of the game in the early stages, and most of them end up leaving the match for the sole reason that they can play another game in the time it takes to spectate the previous one. While Apex Legends was the first game to combat this problem with the help of Respawn Beacons, Fortnite is quickly following in the same footsteps of the EA-published game. 

How Does The Reboot Van Work? 

Fortnite’s respawn feature looks very alike to its counterpart, except for one gimmick. The reboot vans are likely to be one-time usable, which means that a squad or a player can use the van only once to revive a teammate. However, as hinted in the YouTube video for the same, the vans may turn inactive for a certain duration of time after reviving the teammates but will continue to function normally after the aforementioned period.

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The reboot vans will be highlighted throughout the map. Also, once the reboot/revival sequence has been initiated, an audio cue will be played along with a beam of light which will inform nearby players regarding the usage of the Reboot van. A lot of players took to criticizing the fact that the game is copying features from its competition, but the game has already proven that it can redefine the whole battle-royale genre with a feature like building structures. The official update may be rolled out in the second week of April 2019.

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