Future Android Updates To Be Delivered Via The Google Play Store

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Future Android Updates To Be Delivered Via The Google Play Store

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Google’s Operating System Android is one of the most popular softwares in the world. Its popularity can be justified with the wide variety of devices it is compatible with. However, despite the popularity, one Achilles Heel the OS has faced time and again is the disparity in software updates. While smartphone OEMs like Google, Essential and Nokia have been known for pushing updates constantly, the majority of devices lack the latest version of the software. A post on the social media website Reddit insinuates Google is looking forward to changing that.

In the post, the user claimed they received an Android software update through the Google Play Store, Android’s application store. This is an unconventional way of dealing with an update, as in the past all the new iterations to the AndroidOS were delivered through the settings menu. The new type of software update was seen in testing on the latest Android Q Beta 2.

Future Android Updates

While it is not set in stone, the aforementioned change could revolutionise the way future software updates are delivered. While the user on Reddit claimed it was a relatively small update package; it may be an indication that the new way of pushing changes in software through the Google Play Store would be limited, at least initially to monthly security patches. This suggests heavier files, like the ones packing major changes to the software, could still be delivered via the settings menu, as the conventional method.

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Delivering monthly security patches through the Google Play Store may be a monumental move on Google’s part. Because of this, smartphones which were abandoned and would not receive updates otherwise; would have a chance of receiving an update. This would make the AndroidOS one step closer to a privacy focussed software.

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