Intel Announces New Laptop Processors, Capable Of Hitting 5GHz Clock Speeds

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Intel Announces New Laptop Processors, Capable Of Hitting 5GHz Clock Speeds

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Intel’s mobile processors are widely regarded as some of the best processors in terms of power consumption and clock speeds. On April 23, Intel Announced its latest lineup of mobile CPUs with a host of new features, including the support of 5GHz clock frequency. Previously, such a clock speed was unattainable in mobile devices, such as laptops. 

Intel Gen-H Series Features and Specifications

Intel’s new Gen H-series claim to provide faster operating speeds and improved connectivity support than its predecessors. Compared to the 15W power draw of the previous processors, the Gen H-series processors have a wattage label of 45W. Moreover, the processor lineup is unlocked, implying that the CPUs can be overclocked to even higher speeds. The primary target of the Intel Gen-H processor chips would be gamers and content creators.

The new CPUs from Intel are fabricated using a 14nm process, and the top variant in the lineup, which is the Core i9-9980HK features 8 cores and 16 threads. The processor has 16MB of cache memory and has support for Wi-Fi 6 networking. Intel claims that the new processors can top speeds of 2.4 Gbps. Additionally, the new lineup provides 54% faster 4K video editing and 56% improved gameplay performance, the company says. To top it all off, Intel has announced that the new series of processors will be incorporated in newer ASUS, Dell, HP, Razer, MSI and Lenovo laptops with immediate effect.

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Alongside, Intel also brought its new 9th Gen chips to light, which are specifically designed for desktops. The 9th series expansion covers over 25  Intel CPU variants, which includes the latest Celeron and Pentium Gold models. Moreover, the company is also expected to release a new processor lineup based on a smaller fabrication process in 2019, which will probably include 10nm chips.   

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