AutoGyaan : Bridgestone shows off Air-less tire concept

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AutoGyaan : Bridgestone shows off Air-less tire concept

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Looks like the next-gen tire is actually closer than we imagined. With Michelin already working on their concept of the Tweel, Bridgestone walks in with the air-free concept tires that use a tough and flexible thermoplastic spoke technology. These spokes remove any horizontal force and make the tire puncture free, since there is actually no air. The tire is currently suitable fro personal mobility and electric lightweight carts, each wheel holds upto 150Kg in weight. The company plans to use this technology for commercial users and eventually replace the traditional wheel. The only issue is the fact that items might get stuck in the spokes of the wheel making them prone to breakage. A full wheel with these spokes in the center would do, don’t you think so ?


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