5 Of The Weirdest Gadgets Ever Designed

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5 Of The Weirdest Gadgets Ever Designed

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Countless gadgets are released each year, with only a select few making it big. Nonetheless, many other gadgets which intend to solve a higher purpose might fail at the same. For instance, who wants to eat toast with his/her own picture imprinted on it? Well, some people do, because it’s apparently still being sold in the US and is the first gadget in our list. Speaking of lists, given below are some really weird gadgets that have been launched in the past years. 

Selfie Toaster  

Yes, a toaster exists that can customize your slice of bread with an image of your face. Even though it’s requirements may be very controversial, there is a reason why the US company “Burnt Impressions” still ships these novelty appliances for $75 per unit. Users can get the toaster to imprint their selfies onto a slice of bread via a custom laser-cut metal grilling plate, that is also made by the company. However, buyers have to upload their photograph at the time of purchase, which means that you will be stuck with staring at one image on a bread slice.


In an era of smartwatches and fitness trackers, there is a wearable that strives to make a mark as well. While conventional fitness trackers keep a track of how many steps you have walked in a day, the Pavlok has an entirely different motive, although for the betterment of many out there. The motive is pain. This may seem bizarre, but the Pavlok gives you a rather nasty zap if you are involved in a bad habit, such as biting your nails, smoking or cracking your knuckles. The body associates the pain signal to the bad habit you have cultivated, helping in lessening the same. Thankfully, the intensity of the shock can be controlled by the wearer, which can range from a slight tingle to an uncomfortable shock.


There are times when some unwanted gadgets from sci-fi movies make their way into the real world, making you wonder if they actually are meant for the same. Such is the case with the “MoodMetric”, which is a ring that measures the body’s signals to determine the state of the mind of the wearer. The data is then relayed to the wearer’s smartphone, where he/she can gain insights regarding his/her mood. However, it is very unclear why a person will need a gadget to find out what their mood is like.

Sony Rolly

After the iPod hit the market and took it by storm, a lot of companies (including Sony) started experimenting on portable music players to hit the right chord. The aforementioned Japanese company made its entry with the launch of the Sony Rolly, which was a portable music player with a twist, literally. The music player was shaped like a football, and the best part was the fact that it danced to music. Costing at about US$ 399 at the time of launch, Rolly could twist, turn, roll and perform a host of other moves in sync to the music, all while flashing multi coloured lights. However, it didn’t even have a headphone jack at the time. Almost an year later, Sony discontinued the Rolly music player.

Belty, The Smart Belt

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First showcased at the CES 2015, the smart belt intended to simplify some things that had to be manually simplified, simply saying. Belty could directly connect to a smartphone via an app that tracked the waist size of the wearer. Moreover, the wearer could use the application to tighten or loosen the belt on the move, which would save them the embarrassment of doing so in public. However, it’s been a long time since its announcement, and the company does not plan to release such a product in the immediate future.


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