NVIDIA Teases A ‘Super’ Upgrade In Graphics Ahead Of Computex 2019

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NVIDIA Teases A ‘Super’ Upgrade In Graphics Ahead Of Computex 2019

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Computex 2019 is just around the corner, and brands are gearing up to showcase some of the best products and developments in computing. It is apparent that the PC market is unlikely to dwindle anytime soon which a few reports from the past claimed. Popular brands are innovating with newer products and techniques that bump up performance levels of machines while curbing the prices at the same time. Amidst all this, American chip manufacturer NVIDIA has posted a teaser on its YouTube channel, which hints at something “Super” making its way to the Computex 2019 event being held in Taiwan from 28 May to 1 June. 

NVIDIA At Computex 2019: What To Expect?

As per reports, the company is already planning a press conference at the said event. There is a chance that the “Super” announcement is AI/Software related since NVIDIA RTX and 16-series cards are still fairly new to the market. However, the company can unveil a significant upgrade to one of its older cards to bring them at par with the competition looming up ahead. And talking of competition, AMD’s Navi GPUs are also set to make a debut in the not-so-distant future, which might shift NVIDIA in its seat a little. 


As per sources, NVIDIA is planning to incorporate a faster 16Gbps memory standard in its existing RTX series of GPUs. This will be a significant boost from the previous 14Gbps memory in the GPUs. A 2Gbps memory improvement is expected to provide almost 14 percent of performance boost if and when it is implemented. However, the question of price still takes the podium. Will NVIDIA charge a hefty price for such an upgrade in the future? 

NVIDIA Graphics Card


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Since the teaser shows nothing except the embossed metal super logo (from a variety of angles), fans are only left with the option of taking wild guesses and waiting for the press conference at the event itself. As mentioned before, AMD’s price point for the upcoming Navi-based graphics chips may (severely) affect NVIDIA’s flagship lineup. But since the company has emerged unscathed time and again, we can expect NVIDIA to have a neat trick up its sleeve for Computex 2019.    

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