OnePlus 7 Pro Camera May Not Have A True 3x Optical Zoom

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OnePlus 7 Pro Camera May Not Have A True 3x Optical Zoom

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OnePlus has found itself under the same scrutiny with their latest flagship smartphone the OnePlus 7 Pro in a similar fashion to its previous lineup of 2017, namely the OnePlus 5. A Reddit post by a user had discovered that the telephoto lens on the OnePlus 7 Pro captures pictures in a 2.2x optical zoom rather than the advertised 3x optical zoom that OnePlus had claimed.

The triple camera setup which features the 8MP telephoto lens alongside the 16MP wide-angle lens and the primary 48MP camera was one of the key differences between the ‘Pro’ and standard version of the OnePlus 7. The Pro uses the telephoto lens along with the primary sensor to capture portrait shots but apparently the field of view while using the telephoto lens for portrait clicks and the 3x zoom differ. As it turns out the sensor is actually a 13MP Samsung S5K3M5 that is cropped down to 8MP to hit the 3x zoom.

OnePlus advertising the telephoto lens with a 78mm focal length does make it capable for 3x optical zoom. Although as the sensor has been cropping the image down to 8MP, the effective focal length actually achieved is 57mm or in other words 2.2x zoom. This falls in line with OnePlus previously false advertising the OnePlus 5 to have a ‘lossless’ 2x zoom on its telephoto lens, that was only capable of 1.6x zoom but used digital processing to achieve the remaining 0.4x.

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No official statement has been received so far for OnePlus’s second advertising mishap. However, they haven’t used any digital enhancements in the current iteration of the smartphone. Hopefully, a prompt response is issued by their PR team that clears the dilemma caused by their marketing department.

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