Xiaomi Mi 7 In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Revealed In Leaked Video

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Xiaomi Mi 7 In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Revealed In Leaked Video

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For weeks, it has been rumoured that the Xiaomi Mi 7 will have 3D facial recognition technology. Just a few days ago, an official-looking image detailing all the sensors present in the display notch was leaked. It is also seeming more and more likely that the Xiaomi will launch the Mi 7 as the Xiaomi Mi 8, to commemorate the company’s 8th anniversary. A few days before the rumoured launch of the Mi 8, a short clip showing the in-display fingerprint sensor of the Mi 8 has leaked.

The short three-second clip shows a user unlocking the Xiaomi Mi 8 using an in-display fingerprint sensor. The video shows only the centre part of the device, not giving anything else about the look of the phone in the video. A lot of videos like these are leaked before a major launch, and the Mi 7 or the Mi 8 has gathered a lot of spotlight because of all the rumoured features. It is worth noting that fingerprint sensor in the clip seems faster than the one found on the Vivo X21 Plus UD, the first smartphone with Clear ID.

The Mi 8 is also expected to sport a Face ID like facial recognition system. An image posted on Weibo gave us a glimpse of what technology Xiaomi will use to attain the accuracy that Face ID has.

The image was uploaded by a prominent Chinese tipster who claims that this is an official image revealing all the sensors that will be housed inside the Mi 7 notch. Coincidently, the image looks very similar to Apple’s promotional images of the notch. The module is designed by Xiaomi itself and will include an Infrared (IR) sensor, a dot projector, front-facing camera, earpiece, ambient light sensor, and a proximity sensor. For context, the iPhone X notch houses an Infrared camera, flood illuminator, a dot projector, and a front-facing camera along with necessary sensors.

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It’s hard to fathom that Xiaomi would use two very expensive technologies on one smartphone. The use of facial recognition is any way to make it easier for users to unlock their devices if the fingerprint sensor is placed on the back. With an in-0display fingerprint sensor, the use of facial recognition does not make sense since not many would end up using it.

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