Lenovo’s Next Flagship Smartphone Will Be Tailor-Made For Notch Haters

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Lenovo’s Next Flagship Smartphone Will Be Tailor-Made For Notch Haters

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The smartphone industry, every year, is dominated by a certain trend that is usually overdone by many OEMs. The launch of the iPhone 7 Plus propelled smartphone makers into launching dual-camera devices in late-2016. With the launch of the iPhone X, we are seeing an increasing number of smartphone vendors embracing the notch. However, Lenovo appears to be set on a less trodden path and go with a traditional design for its new flagship smartphone.

Lenovo’s Vice President Chang Cheng shared a teaser image of the company’s upcoming flagship device on his Weibo page. The company’s next flagship smartphone is expected to launch on June 14th. Accompanying the image was a poll, asking users to predict the screen-to-body ratio of the smartphone, with “95% or more” being the biggest option.

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Huawei P20 Pro

The front of the smartphone is visible in the image but, only partially. However, enough of the smartphone is visible to incur that the new device won’t have a notch like the iPhone X or Huawei P20 Pro. It appears that Lenovo has taken the Samsung route with its new flagship smartphone. The astonishing part is the lack of bezels on the side and the top of the smartphone. The top bezel is almost invisible, much like the chin of the iPhone X.

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Bezels around the display, however, have a purpose and aren’t just there for OEMs to remove and show “progress.” The bezels house the earpiece, sensors and the front-facing camera. From the looks of it, Lenovo might have the gone the Xiaomi route with this by making the bottom bezel a bit thicker and house the front-facing camera in it. This could be the reason why the bottom bezel was not revealed in the teaser.

Mi MIX 2

The launch of the flagship device is still over a month away. The image does increase the interest in this smartphone especially considering the slew of smartphones that sport a notch these days.

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