Intel’s Showcases Twin Screen Gaming Laptop At Computex 2019

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Intel’s Showcases Twin Screen Gaming Laptop At Computex 2019

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Intel, the chipmaking company has a lot of buzz going around its various announcements (such as Project Athena) and prototypes that have been making rounds all over the internet. The company was seen highlighting one of those prototypes in Computex 2019 all the way from its Santa Clara Lab in the headquarters. 

Honeycomb Glacier may not seem like the name for a gaming system but Intel gets a pass on this for its innovation. Intel has supplied ample horsepower within this compact laptop. The key feature of this prototype is Intel’s attempt to place two full displays in the machine for an enhanced gaming experience.


The device is outfitted with a 1080p display panel for its main 15.6-inch screen while the secondary panel receives a 720p 12.3-inch 1920 x 720 display. Intel had partnered with Razer for the original Switchblade prototype back in 2011, the first laptop to have an entire screen as a touchpad, making this attempt their second endeavour for dual screens.


Intel sets itself apart from the numerous other OEMs, that have implemented a dual screen format, by actually having a second screen that does not necessitates having you look away from the primary screen. Users do not have to look down or divert their attention with a simple inclusion of a double hinge mechanism that raises the second screen to just below eye level that compliments the main screen.

A unique hinge mechanism gives users the freedom of the elevation and angle that automatically stays in whatever position it was propped up on. This was achieved by one-way roller mechanical clutch. Pressing on a small black button on the left side disengages the clutch to fold the laptop. This special mechanism provides space for the cooling solution built specifically for the specially placed motherboard with a single fan.

The prototype, Honeycomb Glacier had been reportedly running on a 45W 8-core i9 Intel CPU and NVIDIA GTX 1070, both units being overclocked. The near eye level hinge houses a Tobii eye-tracking camera, that enables smoother user interaction with the second screen interface in different applications like Discord and Twitch for gamers or Slack for work. Simply drawing your eye to the application puts it on focus.

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Intel is optimistic about Honeycomb Glaciers new design and functionality that has generated much interest from other manufacturers seeking to derive from it. Dual-screen laptops are making their way into mainstream reality, soon becoming a common happenstance. 

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