Screenshots Of Ark OS, The Android Replacement By Huawei Leaked

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Screenshots Of Ark OS, The Android Replacement By Huawei Leaked

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Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei was barred from doing business with any American company a while ago. Because of the sanctions placed by the American government, it lost access to softwares like Android and Windows from its devices. The company was then granted a 90-day breathing window to fulfil all unfinished business with US companies. It was then reported that Huawei has secretly been working on its own Operating System (OS) for mobile devices in a bid to replace Android. According to the latest reports, the company has filed the name “Ark OS” with the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA). This application was filed on the 24th of May.

Ark OS

Reportedly, Huawei filed a claim at the DPMA for the design of certain elements of an interface. In the patent application, the company also shared screenshots of the menus inside the said interface. The images are starkly different from what the company has been doing with the current Android skin called EMUI. The applications showcased in the screenshots are allegedly Android-based. This insinuates that the purported Ark OS will support Android apps natively and will give an option to download them using a third party store.

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The screenshots of the alleged Ark OS also repeatedly mention the name of the “Android Green Alliance”. This is a Chinese association formed up of companies like Tencent and Alibaba. It was formed a few years ago in an attempt to introduce quality and design standards of their apps in the Android OS. While it is not known what role will the Alliance play in the Ark OS; it may set up a standard for testing the quality of applications eligible to exist on the app store on the upcoming OS. Unfortunately, Huawei has not announced when its Android replacing OS might debut. But it is expected to make an appearance before the 90-day deadline for the company gets exhausted.

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