Google Stadia Will Need A 20Mbps Connection For 1080p Gaming

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Google Stadia Will Need A 20Mbps Connection For 1080p Gaming

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Earlier this year, Google surprised the world by unveiling a dedicated gaming platform dubbed Stadia. The platform will allow users to play high end games on max visual settings without shelling out money for buying new high end hardware. Any device that can run Chrome browser can be used to play the said high end games with the help of Stadia services. Talking about the functionality of the service, the computing power required to run graphics intensive games will take place remotely in Google’s data centres which will be streamed directly on to the Chrome browser running on the user’s machine. Even though Google has done away with the need for high end processing power with Stadia, the dependence on high speed remains. In fact with the new service, not only is the essential game data transferred over the internet, the HD game stream itself is transmitted online.

In order to make sure, the users are able to smoothly play games on Stadia, Google has revealed minimum internet speeds required to stream games in different video quality. The data sheet is attached below:

To enjoy games in the highest available video quality and 5.1 surround sound, it requires an internet connection with 35 Mbps transfer speeds. According to data collected by contributors on Speedtest, the average download speed in the United States was higher than 35 Mbps in the year 2018. Therefore, the maximum number of users hailing from the country can use the Stadia service at its maximum available quality. However, in countries like India, where the internet quality is not at par with some of the developed countries, users might be limited to using the service at 720p or 1080p quality.

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Conclusively, only time will tell what the future holds for the hyped up gaming service from Google which is set to roll out later this year. Also, Sony and Microsoft have teamed up for a similar game streaming service which will compete against Google Stadia. Interested readers can find the pricing of Stadia service here.

Users can check their internet speeds by visiting or

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