Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Gets Multiplayer Mode

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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Gets Multiplayer Mode

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A couple of months ago, Activision the publisher behind the famous Call of Duty franchise announced its latest iterations. The new game is being called Call of Duty Modern Warfare which is a reboot of the original trilogy that was beloved by gamers. The original trailer that was revealed had seen the return of the series favourite Captain Price. Since then, a lot of hype has garnered for what people call, ” the game that will revive the Call of Duty games again.”

Now, Infinity Ward, the original developer behind one of the most popular first-person shooter game has dropped a new trailer and unveiled a new multiplayer game mode.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a boots to the ground iteration of the popular franchise. It means that the game will no longer have its premise based on either the second World War or some sci-fi futuristic world; a theme common with the past iterations of the video game. The latest entry in the series will rather focus on the ‘Ugly Truth’ of war. A primary focus of the game will be the implications of global violence, terrorism as well as personal impact on the characters. Players are no longer simply in the shoes of a badass military character, but one with emotional depth and a sense of morality. 

Multiplayer: Gunfight

The first trailer for Call of Duty Modern Warfare arrived on 30th May and revealed the first look of the game in all its glory. Now, Infinity Ward has uploaded the first look of its new multiplayer game mode on YouTube. Gunfight is the latest game mode to be incorporated in the game and will feature a 2 versus 2 man quick play style of gameplay. Team of 2s need to eliminate the enemy teams to win a round and the first to 6 wins the game. The game features small maps that are long in length but narrow in width. It’s a symmetrical map with both teams spawning on either end; players have about 3 routes from which they can attack the opposing team. 

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The upcoming Call of Duty Modern Warfare is the 16th instalment in the massively successful franchise and will be playable on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Call Of Duty fans rejoice as their favourite franchises latest instalments drop in the arriving 25th of October. Since the game is heavily influenced by dark and realistic themes and depictions it may not be a suitable fit for all ages. It will be a bleak representation of the reality of our time and technology. Stay tuned on iGyaan for more information regarding more popular games.

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