Top Tech Best Budget Tech Gadgets and Accessories: August 2019

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Top Tech Best Budget Tech Gadgets and Accessories: August 2019

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Another month, another Top Tech. It is the month of August and this time we will check out the best gadgets and accessories you can buy. These range from travel accessories to nifty gadgets that can be used in daily life. Check out the video and the detailed list of products for this month below.

Tantra Bluetooth Receiver

Top Tech

The first item on our top tech list is the Bluetooth Reciever from Tantra. As the name suggests, it is capable of making a non-Bluetooth capable device like a car stereo or a speaker, Bluetooth enabled. It plugs on to your existing device’s AUX port and is rechargeable. It may be just the right product for people looking to make their old audio devices Bluetooth enabled.

G20 Laptop Table

Top Tech

The laptop table from Gizga is an interesting piece of hardware. It is an adjustable laptop table which has wheels which make it easy to move around. With an adjustable height, Users can easily adjust it according to their comfort. It offers solid construction and good looking design, which is difficult to find in the price range.

Transparent USB 3.0 Hub

Aside from looking really cool, the transparent USB 3.0 hub is truly a top tech gadget. It has four USB 3.0 ports which can be used to extend your PC or laptop’s capability of supporting more devices. While it does not require any power source to work, a port is conveniently provided if and when needed.

Aluminium Laptop Dock

Top Tech

The laptop dock by Tarkan is the next top tech item in our list. It is built really well and can hold your laptop or tablet for easy docking. There are adjustable screws on the bottom which can be used to fit a device that is too thin or too thick. When not using it to hold your laptop, it can also function as a nifty book holder, fitting two thick books easily.

Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones

Bluetooth Headphones are all the rage these days and for good reason. With many smartphone manufacturers removing the 3.5mm headphone jack, the need for wireless audio is on the rise. The Torrent headphones on our top tech list are the most affordable to support Bluetooth 5.0. This gives them a more stable connection and wider range over older standards of Bluetooth. Aside from being future proof, the sound quality of the headphones is really good for the price, with deep bass and average highs.

Folio Laptop Sleeve

The Folio laptop sleeve by Tizum is the next item on our latest top tech list. As the name suggests, it is a laptop sleeve meant to protect your device from being scratched while travelling. It features a dual-tone design and looks fairly premium. The sleeve has soft-touch material on the inside to make sure your laptop stays protected while it is in there.

Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

The foldable Bluetooth keyboard by Saco looks like something from a Sci-Fi movie. It features a triple folding designed which can be opened to reveal a full-sized Bluetooth keyboard with a trackpad. The foldable aspect of the device makes it very portable and frankly, a very cool gadget to travel with. Additionally, having a trackpad which supports multi-touch input and gestures makes it easier and more intuitive to work with. With a plethora of features and the cool foldable aspect, it is truly a top tech item.

NeverWet Water Repellent Spray

Its monsoon season and while there are many things to love about it, there is one major thing to hate too. If you like wearing fabric shoes, chances are you may be extra precautious in rains. The NeverWet spray by Rustoleum may be just the right product in our top tech list for you. We tried spraying it on fabric shoes and after it dried off, water just jumped right off the surface of the shoe. The hydrophobic coating on top of the fabric is claimed to last for a while, making it the perfect companion for the rains.

Sandisk USB 3.0 Pen Drive

Next up on our top tech list is a USB 3.0 pen drive by Sandisk. Claiming speeds of up to 150 Mbps, we managed to achieve close to 130 MBps, which is great for a drive of this price. It is also built really well, featuring a metal construction and a nimble size. In fact, we loved the pen drive so much that we have managed to make one of them a Windows Bootable drive to easily install Windows off it.

Bonus Items:

Sandisk USB 3.1 Pen Drive

Top Tech

If the speeds of the aforementioned pen drive by Sandisk are not enough for you, we have a better top tech product in-store. The Sandisk Extreme Go is a USB 3.1 pen drive which claims a maximum speed of up to 200 MBps. We managed to achieve almost 170-180 MBps in our testing which is impressive. There are multiple storage capacities offered for the drive and it is quite a small package too, making it a perfect storage option.

Orico Hard Drive Case

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The Orico Hard Drive Case, as the name suggests is a sturdy and durable case for your hard drives. Featuring a durable plastic construction, it is offered in multiple colours. While our unit was designed mainly for 3.5-inch drives, we found that even 2.5-inch drives can also be placed inside without much hassle, and it will offer a similar amount of protection.

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