Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and S Pen Tips and Tricks

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and S Pen Tips and Tricks

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The Galaxy Note 2 is a wonderful device and even so is also the most prominent smartphone in the Android Market, but what really sets this phone apart is its ability to interact with the S Pen ( or should be call it the S Pen 2? ) Completely redesigned from the bottom up the new S Pen is more ergonomical and precise.  Lets look as some of the new things you can do with the new S Pen on your Shiny new Galaxy Note 2.

Pop Up Note.

This feature allows you to enable a Pop Up Note to show up every time you pull the S Pen from the new Galaxy Note 2. This feature Can Be anablet from Settings > S Pen Settings > Enable Pop Up Note


Color Selector in S Note 

A new Color Selector dropper tool in the S Note application allows you to choose a custom color that you may pick up from the image you are editing or anywhere on screen. This will allow artists more flexibility with their designing. 

Air View

One of the most versatile features of the new S Pen on the new Galaxy Note 2, the Air View feature adds a context menu to the Galaxy Note 2 and performs better than Samsung claims. 

Air view adds a lot of new features :

  • Scrolling: Just by hovering the Pen over the Top or bottom of Email and Message lists, you can scroll up or down. This feature will work in any app including browsers and music players. Mostly anywhere where scrolling can be enabled.
  • Tooltip : Don’t know what a button is for? The Air view tooltip feature gives you a quick introduction to any button or menu item you will hover your S Pen over.
  • Quick Preview : The Most useful AirView feature is the new quick preview, hovering the S-Pen over any EMail or SMS received on the new Galaxy Note II will give users a quick preview of what the content of the message is. This feature will also give you a preview of the pictures in a Gallery.

Quick Command 

The new interface that lets you perform tasks and open applications with a quick swipe of your S Pen. Holding the button on the S Pen and dragging it an an upward direction opens up a quick command dialogue box.  You can now use one of the pre set gestures or create your own, allowing you to open applications, turn on/off services like WiFi, Data, Bluetooth, etc. 

Handwriting to Text

The Galaxy Note 2 mixed with the new S Pen has the best Handwriting to Text algorithms available today. It instantly converts the poorest of handwriting styles into crisp text. Although not a lot of people will use this features, but in some cases it may turn out to be much faster than typing.

Pressure Sensitivity

The new S Pen is really pressure sensitive allowing you to create thin or thick lines without actually changing the settings form the the pen menu. while creating strokes, a light touch will create a thin line whereas a thick stroke will create a thick line. 

Missing Pen Alert

Once this feature is enabled from the Galaxy Note IIs Pen Settings Menu, the phone will vibrate every time you move 10 ft away from your phones S Pen, reminding you that you have left your S Pen somewhere. This is a feature that will really help those people who lost a lot of S Pens with the original Note. 


The Note 2 also retains most features from the original Note, including the slide left to close app gesture and slide right for menu function, among others.

Screenshot and Edit

Hold down on the Pen Button and long tap the screen with the S Pen to click a screenshot. The screenshot will immediately open up in the image editor and allow for editing, annotations and cropping. You can then share the image to various apps and services.

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