Google : 1.5 Million Android Devices Are Being Activated Everyday

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Google : 1.5 Million Android Devices Are Being Activated Everyday

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Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, has confirmed to the press that the company is activating 1.5 million Android devices every day.

That’s 200,000 additional devices per day than the most recent status update, when Google shared in September that 1.3 million Android devices were being activated daily.

Schmidt made these remarks during All Things D’s Dive Into Mobile conference, where he stated that Android has 700,000 apps available.

Schmidt also talked about some things that would hep spur on more growth. Pricing is definitely on their mind, and device for the $100 price point is something that Google will be hitting quickly. Could we assume a new Nexus tablet at Google I/O that is $99? Quite possibly.

The vocal CEO also stated he believes there will be one billion Android phones in the world by the end of the year, up from a projected 750 million stated some time ago.

Of course, Schmidt didn’t just talk numbers the entire time, because that would be boring. He touched on subjects like Facebook Home and the Maps situation with Apple.

When asked if Google was worried about Facebook Home, Schmidt dismissed the idea entirely.

“We’re phenomenally happy that people are using Android in these ways. You can’t have half-open source. It’s open source,” Schmidt said.

“From our perspective, we really want them to use [Google Maps],” Schmidt said. “It’d be easy to take the app in the store and use it as their basic one.”


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