New Nexus 7 Reportedly Suffering From Dodgy GPS

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New Nexus 7 Reportedly Suffering From Dodgy GPS

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Google recently launched their new Nexus 7 tablet, and now a number of owners of the tablet have reported issues with GPS.

It seems that some owners of the NExus 7 have been having issues with the GPS system on the device, with the feature working ok for a short time before suddenly stopping. The device then reverts to the searching mode with the GPS icon continually flashing, and some owners have stated that a hard reboot sometimes does the trick but not always.

Some have changed the device for another one for the problem still to occur so it seems the bug is being caused by an issue with the Android 4.3 firmware, and we have already heard of issues with the software affecting other Nexus devices.

If it’s an issue with the Android code, a simple firmware update could squash the bug. If the problem lies with the GPS hardware, the only solution could be to send off for a replacement Nexus 7.

Apparently, Google has acknowledged this and are currently is working on a fix, but we are unsure when this come about. Comments on this situation can be seen over on the Google Product Forums, along with other problems encountered with the GPS signal, while others have said that rebooting the system can sometimes sort this issue out as reported above.


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